Aikikai Malta


The Art of Aikido

Aikido is regarded as a martial and a spiritual art. It goes beyond physical practice as it is aimed to reveal higher levels of mental abilities through martial practice.

As a defensive martial art, the Aikido practitioner is trained to use the energy and momentum that an attacker offers in order to initiate a counter response. The energy is harmoniously neutralised and redirected back peacefully avoiding the use of forceful aggression.

Aikido’s physical practice emerged from a combat regime and was refined through an evolution in its goals and approach by the Aikido founder, Morihei Ueshiba. Aikido is unique in the Martial Arts as it is specifically designed to counter aggression by peaceful means and to develop a harmonious center in the face of opposition. The techniques taught in Aikido are also recognised to be particularly useful in dealing with every-day challenges and ‘threats’ that one faces in the course of one’s working life where threats are likely to be more mental and less physical in nature.

Through Aikido, participants are thought how to transform the stress of business, academic and family life into opportunities for personal growth and the development of compassion, discipline, concentration and self-confidence – while remaining calm and centered.

Aikido is a practical method for conflict resolution, violence, bullying and teaches participants to connect with the world and remain connected and focused even under situations of utmost duress. The Aikido practitioner trains refined martial techniques as life-long practice and learns to apply qualitative studies to deal with various inner conflicts such as fear, aggression and anger.

It is in all these aspects that the ‘Art of Aikido’ is a vehicle for one’s life-long education, mental and emotional balance and harmony.